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Jewellery and Wedding Rings


Wedding Rings

Fine design jewellery and bespoke wedding rings made in the Netherlands by innovative goldsmith and jewellery-designer Vincent van Hees

Experience applied art in jewellery, made in the Netherlands.

In search of creating and capturing a movement between form and flow, Vincent van Hees creates fine jewellery of the highest standard that is pleasing to both eye and touch.

Inspired by sculptural and architectural practice, Vincent has worked exclusively with platinum and gold since 1989 on a quest to express perfectly the tension between form and flow. Every piece is conceptualized with sustainability in mind, making for a whole that is gorgeous, comfortable to wear, and as environmentally friendly as possible.

The link between form and flow in Vincent’s jewellery can be retraced in every element his work. The pieces are not only of the highest quality – they are also comfortable to wear, embodying the principle that the beauty of high art can be available for enjoyment every day. Their style is effortless: modest and very present-day, with an added edge. Occasionally, the liquid movement of a piece is illuminated by a diamond or pearl.

Trouwringen Vincent Van Hees

Touch is an important element in Vincent’s designs. His pieces emerge from human experience, natural movement, and from handling the materials of the earth. Each work can be described as an applied sculpture for the body; the curves are refined and sleeked with a wearer in mind. Therefore, even a practical detail such as a fastener is conceived and integrated as a necessary element of the whole design process.

The result of this process is a series of out-of-the-ordinary jewellery, made with joy by Vincent and his wife Christian in the Netherlands. Jewellery made for you to enjoy endlessly.

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