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“Our love is with our work. Our designs are characterised by nature, art and industrial design. Our starting points are geometric shapes and flowing lines, which seem to effortlessly find each other.”

About us

The husband and wife team – Vincent van Hees and Christian Kersten – have been designing and creating their own range of modern jewellery and wedding-rings for over 20 years. They are both gold- and silversmith graduates of the “Vakschool Schoonhoven” in the Netherlands. Vincent van Hees is the innovative designer behind the exquisite collection.

The Vincent van Hees style reflects a combination of his passion for design, based upon a love of art and nature and his assiduous attention to detail using traditional hand-made techniques. The signature of the Vincent van Hees designs revolves round geometric shapes and flowing lines, which seem to find each other effortlessly. His designs are a showcase of his character; they are honest, unostentatious yet remain highly individual. His wedding-rings are a testimony to these distinctive traits.

His jewellery is not only of the highest quality but is also comfortable to wear. The locking mechanisms are not simply add-ons to his designs but are an integral part of the whole design process. Vincent van Hees works exclusively with platinum and gold in different colours and finishes to which he occasionally adds pearls or diamonds.

The Vincent van Hees collection is available from a selection of shops in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, France, Austria the UK and the USA.