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Weddingring Siorc 1-2


Our motivation and guiding principle is quality. You can see this expressed in the design and excellent manufacturing as well as in dealing with our fellow man and environment.

The gold we use in our jewellery is supplied by Schöne/ Umicore and consists mainly of recycled material.This supplier is accredited with several certifications such as RJC and LBMA. This means, among other things, that man and environment are treated with the highest respect.

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In compliance with United Nations resolutions we have purchased the diamonds that are set in our jewellery from a legitimate source not involved in funding conflicts. The diamond supplier hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free as described in the Kimberley certification. The quality of the used diamonds is high. Namely F/G vvs with colourless diamonds and “Hearts and Arrows” cut.

trouwringen Suave

A Brilliant cut diamond has 57 facets. When all these facets are perfectly balanced, they create a repeated pattern of eight symmetrical arrows when the diamond is viewd from above with a special viewer and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom.